Talent Lifecycle Assessment

People are more important than ever. And data is more prevalent than ever before. Most organizations use some form of sentiment data, such as surveys or focus groups, to guide decisions around the employee experience. However, many do not leverage the power of other available HR data such as employee and applicant counts, interviews granted, hiring process outcomes, attrition, etc. to shape strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion decisions.

 Our process is data-driven and specific. We use your historical data to understand where in your talent lifecycle management you are succeeding and where there is opportunity for growth. We will narrow in on specific elements of the process and provide solutions to help you address these issues.

The Kaleidoscope Group has a data-driven and specific process to map HR data

The Kaleidoscope Group can analyze a broad set of metrics across the life cycle, or we can specifically assess your priorities and focus areas

Workforce Representation

Talent Acquisition and Pipeline Assessment

Turnover Measurement

Entrance and Exit Analysis

We can also help you understand your competitive landscape, whether by industry or by geography, to generate benchmarking data that compares your applicant and employee representation to available talent. 

The result will be a more robust pipeline and a consistent approach in your talent lifecycle management, from start to finish. This will lead to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable team, and will provide a seamless transition to your ongoing employee experience work.


The Kaleidoscope Group can help you understand your competitive landscape

Workplace Inclusion Survey


Pulse Surveys

Focus Groups & Interviews

Organizational DNA Mapping

Talent Lifecycle Assessment

HR Practice Review