Organizational DNA Mapping

There is a lot of information out there about your company that exists in various places and forms. How do your benefits improve diversity and inclusion? Is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a part of your mission statement? Has your leadership team undergone unconscious bias training? What does your representation look like on your website? Each element of this makes up part of the fabric of your company. 


The Kaleidoscope Group CAN MAP YOUR “COMPANY DNA”

We can map your “Company DNA” and present you a report on exactly what we find.


Where are your organizational blind spots?


What are you doing that is a best practice?


What changes can you quickly make to policies, procedures, or approaches to have maximum impact?


Does your data back up what you’ve seen?

The “Company DNA” reporting fits in with the rest of our efforts to help you paint a complete picture of your organization, so you understand not just what is happening — but why.

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Organizational DNA Mapping

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