HR Practice Review

It is critical to examine Human Resource policies, procedures and practices (which we refer to as the 3 Ps) to ensure that diversity is fostered and supported appropriately, equitable practices are in place, and desired inclusive behaviors are reinforced.



Practice • Process • Procedure

The 3 Ps of HR Practice Review

We assess the 3 Ps through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens, focusing on five factors designed around the talent management lifecycle.






Each factor includes a set of performance indicators to determine your gaps and strengths. We use this framework to guide review and analysis of information gathered in documents, on the internet, and via key stakeholder interviews.

The 3Ps model for HR Practice from The Kaleidoscope Group

Workplace Inclusion Survey


Pulse Surveys

Focus Groups & Interviews

Organizational DNA Mapping

Talent Lifecycle Assessment

HR Practice Review